Saratoga Boudoir Photo Shoot

If you are thinking about planning your dream boudoir photo shoot, one of the things you will have to decide on is where to do it.  This is all about celebrating you, so you are the focus of the shoot. But your boudoir photo shoot location helps set the tone and mood. You are the star of the play, but the stage you are on is a huge part of making your dream shoot a reality.

Saratoga Boudoir Photo Shoot

There are three main categories as far as your boudoir photo shoot location: Studio, indoors on-location, and outdoors on-location (yes, believe it or not, outdoors nude and boudoir photography is very popular).

Studio looks can range as widely as any location. I have three different studios that I regularly work in, one in Saratoga Springs, one in Glens Falls and one in Manhattan.

Saratoga Boudoir Photographer

In most studios, including mine, simple seamless backdrops are almost always a staple. But for the non-seamless shots each studio has their own unique feel to them.


Saratoga Boudoir Photographer

In Glens Falls for instance, the dark, polished hardwood floors, brick walls and high ceilings are quite a bit different than the studio in Saratoga Springs, where light hardwood floors and white, turquoise, and orange walls provide a lighter feel.


Saratoga Boudoir Photographer

Studio shoots rarely are intended to look like they were shot in a “real” room or setting, though we do have some basic props and furnishings like a chair or a bed.  For clients that are looking for a more realistic setting, shooting indoors on-location is the way to go.  I have shooting rights at many local high-end inn’s, bed and breakfasts and hotels.  Each with their own decor and feel.

Saratoga Bridal Boudoir Photographer

Shooting in a hotel suite, gives you several “sets” to use. Typically there is a sitting area, vanities with mirrors, a bed with end tables, windows etc.  That’s a lot of options in one space – and we can choose the look and feel you are going for.

Your choices for outdoor settings are even broader – waterfalls, fields, old buildings. Again, it comes back to what location will match up with the feel you want for your dream shoot.

What does your dream shoot location look like?

To start planning a boudoir photo shoot, download your personal copy of the Dream Shoot Planner. Simply click on the image or the button below and I’ll send it right to you – Free!

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