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Pinterest makes planning your boudoir photoshoot easy and fun!

Pinterest Albany Boudoir PhotographerKnowing what types of images you are really drawn to can be super helpful when planning your dream boudoir photoshoot. Do you like black & white or color, or both? Do you like studio settings or furnished settings? Are there poses, looks, outfits, backgrounds that catch your eye more than others? Figuring this out is simpler than it sounds and I like using Pinterest to aid in the process. Secret Pinterest boards are a hidden gem.

If you don’t already have an account, it’s free to sign up and super easy to use. I like using it on my phone and iPad most of all, but the desktop site works great too. Once you have logged in, create a pinboard to save your ideas too. Call it “My photo shoot ideas” or something similar and check the box to make the board secret (only you or others you designate can see it). If you would like add me as a collaborator so I can see it too my Pinterest account is “photoconnelly”.

Now search Pinterest for images that you make you go WOW – you can follow my account and use my “Boudoir Studio Ideas” board as a starting point if you like, or just search “boudoir” and save pins that catch your eye to your secret board. Don’t think of it in terms of images that you necessarily want to recreate, maybe you just like a particular outfit, pose, or background. Don’t hold back, pin lots of images, just pin what you like whether wild or mild. Before your shoot, you and I can look through the pins and it will give us a good idea of how to tailor your photo session specifically for you.

My Pinterest page is: I have a couple of example boards up for you, but the real magic happens once we create your board so you can start planning your dream boudoir photoshoot!

Saratoga Boudoir Photographer

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2 thoughts to “Pinterest makes planning your boudoir photoshoot easy and fun!


    Have you ever thought about doing a bridal boudoir photo shoot for your groom?

    • Chris Connelly

      Absolutely! Bridal boudoir shoots are very popular – contact me if you are interested, happy to chat anytime!


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