💛 Intimate portraiture is for every body type.
💛 Dress size or height do not define you.
💛 You can never lose your sexy, regardless of your age. Believe us!
💛 You don't need any experience. We got you.
💛 It is about investing in yourself, and you are worth it.
💛 Be you. For you. Do you. Your Way!



Let’s clear some things up. Here is what you need to know:

"Every woman should feel the way Chris and his team make their clients feel."

- Miss. B

And why should you schedule a luxury experience with us?

👑 To better appreciate your body no matter what. 
👑 Recognize that you've never lost your sexy, ever.
👑 Document your beauty & growth even if you haven't hit a milestone.
👑 Celebrate yourself for a change when you do hit that milestone, get the promotion, or turn 40, 50, 60+ years old!
👑 Remember to not be so hard on yourself. We truly are our worst critics.
👑 It's okay to live a little, indulge, and feel drop dead gorgeous every once a while.



"I can't tell you how beautiful and empowered this made me feel."

- Miss. H

Three Easy Steps to Your Dream Photoshoot Experience

Right after your session, we will load the images on to a large screen and you'll get to choose and order the ones you love most.

We start with a phone or zoom call to get to know each other. Get answers to your top questions and we will plan out your dream photoshoot experience.

Are you ready to be pampered? Our team, including our in-house hair and makeup artist are here to make your day perfect. Then, I'll guide your through every pose and we'll create your amazing images!


Reveal & Ordering

Pre-Shoot Conversation

Your Boudoir Session

See  what these women had to say after their session

"Chris is very insightful, open-minded, and respectful. I would recommend his services to anyone!

Chris and his team did such an amazing job with my photoshoot over the summer! From the makeup, outfit selection, poses, and final picture selection, everything was professional and fun! "

- Miss. B

 I totally forgot I was nervous in the first place! This made me feel so confident and good about myself!

Chris is absolutely amazing!! He has tons of expertise and knows exactly what is going to look good! I was so nervous at first but both him and Joanna made me feel so comfortable within minutes."

-Miss. H

"Enjoyable from start to finish. I'd highly recommend as one of the leading photographers in our area.

The experience is fabulous. A very fun, easy going atmosphere with professional staff who accommodate any theme your heart desires."

- Miss. T

"I left with a smile on my face, and once I saw the pictures- was beaming.

A photo shoot with Chris and his talented group was one of the best things I've ever done for myself! It was a fun, empowering experience that I would highly recommend to anyone.  Chris is a very talented photographer and makes it the most special experience ever! Thank you, Chris! 😊 💓"

- Miss. C


"I'm not the most confident person but they made me feel beautiful from the second I walked through the door."

- Miss. M

Your Albany boudoir photography team is waiting for you

A close friend of mine asked what I believe my superpower is. As I was thinking he said, “You break down a door that is tragically closed to so many people, allowing them to see, believe, and accept the beauty in their own bodies.” My response was simply, “I can own that.” That superpower, as he called it, is the reason I love what I do every day.

We thrive on the positivity it allows us to put back into a world that all too often is filled with negativity, especially when it comes to self-worth and body image. I am grateful that my life-long passion for photography has enabled me to be a part of breaking down that door for so many people.

In 2021 and 2022 we were awarded the Post Star newspaper’s Best of the Region award as the top photographer across all categories making us Albany’s #1 Boudoir Photographer. 


Chris Connelly...

Chris Connelly Photography is an artful, body-positive, boudoir photography and intimate portraiture studio specializing in everything from boudoir to nude-oir. My team and I believe that every body is beautiful, worthy, and deserving of being celebrated in artful images. Our studio will always be a judgment-free zone where you will be respected and treated like a trusted friend.

- From Chris and his team

If you’ve made it to this point in scrolling, you may have begun to think, “These women are absolutely gorgeous, they MUST be models. There’s no way I could ever pull off a boudoir photoshoot!”

Sure, these women are absolutely stunning (and that’s a fact!), and none of them are models. That’s right, these are 100%, everyday people. Wives, partners, mothers, mothers-to-be, grandmothers, CEOs, nurses, business owners, teachers… The list goes on! These strong, femininely fierce individuals took a leap of faith they should do this, embraced the power of intimate portraiture, and left their boudoir session more confident and empowered than ever. 

Still don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself!

Love Yourself More...

You Deserve The Best!



Before & After

 "As a repeat customer, I would not trust any other photographer for boudoir portraits. Chris cares about the lighting, the details, and poses so that your true beauty shows. "

- Miss. B

Even More

Come and watch real and inspiring boudoir video testimonials from women of all backgrounds, shapes and sizes.

I was terrified and feeling so self-conscious. I almost turned around in the parking lot and left, but I’m glad I didn’t because afterwards I felt fantastic. It had been such a positive experience. Do it, do it for yourself.

Miss. J

I had gone through a pretty tough breakup. And [boudoir] is something that I always wanted to do, but just never really had the courage or the time or I just never thought I was, my body was good enough for it. I thought if I don’t do it now, I’m never going to do it. Don’t hold back. Just be yourself and put yourself out there and you’re going to have a great time.

Miss. L

I was unbelievably nervous when I got to my session, but afterwards I felt so empowered.
Don't listen to the voices in your head coming up with all sorts of excuses why you can't do it, do it and I promise you you won't regret it.

Miss. J


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Not a fan of forms? You can also get in touch with Chris Connelly via email at : chris@chrisconnellyphotography.com
and by phone at : +1 (518) 535-3645

Chris Connelly Photography is an artful, body-positive, boudoir photography and intimate portraiture studio specializing in everything from boudoir to nude-oir. My team and I believe that every body is beautiful, worthy, and deserving of being celebrated in artful images. Our studio will always be a judgment-free zone where you will be respected and treated like a trusted friend.

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This is the VIP boudoir group for Chris Connelly Photography
We are excited to get to know all of you, whether you are a past client, want to be a future client, or are simply curious about boudoir.
Our goal is to create a ladies-only group that is an uplifting, positive, fun community of fierce and fabulous women.
In this safe space, you'll even find exclusive news, specials, and giveaways from Chris that you can't find anywhere else!


Here is the good news – the images you see on our website and social media are of real people with real bodies, they are NOT models - they are just like you. Being photogenic is not something you are born with, it’s a function of working with a professional who works with you to find the angles and poses that capture your image in a way that allows you to see how amazing you really look. As for posing, we got you. Chris will even demonstrate each pose (yes you are allowed to giggle) and then he will talk you through it with easy instructions a step at a time. If you check out our reels and stories on Instagram you might even see some behind the scenes footage of him doing just that.

I don’t feel photogenic, and I never know how to pose for pictures without looking awkward, can I really pull off a boudoir photo shoot and look as amazing as the clients on your site?

contact me if you have more questions

Not only is being nervous normal, it is 100% okay and expected. We have worked with nearly 1000 clients since 2015 and can count on one hand the number of folks who came in the door completely confident and not nervous. Here are three simple steps we suggest to help calm your nerves a bit. First, give yourself the grace to be nervous and excited at the same time and know you are not alone. Second, make a few minutes in your schedule to have a conversation with Chris. You will not feel pressured in any way and he can make it a whole lot less scary by giving you all the details and walking you through the process one step at a time. Here is a link that makes it easy to find a time that will work for both of you to chat. Third, read our reviews on Google, Facebook, and our HerStory posts. Pay close attention to how many clients just like you walked into the studio nervous and apprehensive, and then walked out confident, empowered and feeling like they met some new fun friends (you are going to love our team).

I am really nervous about booking a shoot – heck I’m even nervous about talking about it, but I am really excited about the idea. Is that normal?

Then we suggest you don’t bring lingerie – simple as that. As an intimate portraiture studio, lingerie is certainly often part of our shoots. We also have many clients that bring their favorite dress, or a sports jersey, or jean-shorts and a tee, or just want to be wrapped in a sheet, or nothing at all. Our job is to mold to your style, not the other way around.

What if I’m not a lingerie person?

You may bring as my outfits as you would like. Realistically, we will shoot three to six looks, so if you bring twenty options, we will help you filter that down to your favorites and the ones that go best with the miriad of different set options in the studio. We also have a boudoir closet with more than 100 pieces in different sizes and styles that you may freely borrow from for your shoot. In addition, we have signature pieces like our black angel wings and lacey robes. We still recommend that you bring at least a couple outfits that you feel great in, even if you end up borrowing from our closet for most, or all, of the looks you end up doing for your shoot.

 Do I have to bring a lot of different outfits to my boudoir photo shoot?

The simple answer is – that is 100% up to you. We shoot everything from boudoir to nude-oir, so our team’s comfort zone is quite broad. That said, our job is exclusively to work within your comfort zone, not the other way around. Whether you want to remain completely covered, or totally uncovered, or something in between, there will never be any pressure or judgment from our team. Our studio will always be a judgment-free zone where you will be respected and treated like a trusted friend.

How “exposey” do I have to get?

Every session includes a professional hair and makeup service from one of our highly skilled, studio-makeup trained stylists. We even include lashes and will apply hair extensions if you bring them. Part of our pre-shoot questionnaire asks specifically about allergies to makeup or latex. We have hypoallergenic options for those clients who need it; and, if you are more comfortable, we can use makeup that you bring.

 Do you provide hair and makeup service? What if I have sensitive skin or an allergy?

Your studio experience will be about four hours from the time you step in the door to the time you are done. Think of it in three parts: First you will spend about an hour with our hair and makeup team to create just the right look for your shoot. Then you will be with Chris and his assistant for about two hours capturing your amazing images. Then, during the final 45 minutes or so you will get to look through your images and pick out your favorites for your image and album order.

 How long does a boudoir session take?

Absolutely, and frankly in our opinion, a photographer or studio that restricts you from that is a giving you a huge red flag. Here is our one qualification – only bring someone who will be a cheerleader or uplifting presence. If you bring someone who is killing your vibe, or being judgey – we may ask them to leave. That is simply not the environment we allow in our space.

Can I bring a friend or partner to my session?

Yes. We are an inclusive, open, sex-positive, kink-positive, safe space for clients and friends of all genders and gender expressions, couples and polycules. We respect that your personal beliefs may not align directly with ours and that is of course okay. However, if your personal beliefs require you to (or you simply feel the need to) share with any of our staff how any of the above people or family structures are in any way less-than: kindly move along, we will not be a good fit for you. Hate speech in the studio is a direct line to the exit door without exception.

Do you work with LGBTQK+ folx and Couples or Polycules?

The simple answer is yes – well, actually it’s yes… but. We are very committed to being a body positive space. We will of course retouch things like skin texture, and non-permanent things like scratches, bruises, or blemishes. We will also fix little things like outfit issues, or a body part looking odd because of a pose issue. What we will NOT do, is change your body, or parts of your body to appear bigger, smaller or different than they actually do. That’s not to say you just have to live with images that show or accentuate body parts you are not the biggest fan of. On the contrary, we will absolutely utilize poses, angels and lighting that highlight the parts of you that you love, while minimizing those areas that you find more troublesome. But we will not digitally manipulate your images to make you look like someone else. You are amazing exactly the way you are and we want your images to be an awesome reminder of that!

Do you offer retouching or photoshop for my images?


"Empowering. Exciting. Super fun. Soooo comfortable. My beloved and I did a couples boudoir photo shoot on my 40th birthday.."

- Mrs. L