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What really happens at a boudoir photo shoot?

Saratoga Boudoir Photo ShootI get this question all the time and I totally understand people’s curiosity – after all, the experience of a boudoir photo shoot is just as much a gift to yourself as the images are!

So let’s walk through it right from the top. By the way, most of what happens at your boudoir or intimate portraiture photo shoot is set in motion long before the session ever starts. Believe me, a lot of communication and a little planning can make the difference between a session being an experience you will cherish forever, and something you did that one time (and would rather forget).  First, we sit down and talk to really get a sense of what you are looking for, then spend some time gathering your image ideas and inspiration on a private Pinterest Board for reference, then we decide on a location and pick a date – your big day! When you arrive, everything will be all setup; lights, reflectors, backdrops, props, fabrics, hair and makeup station.

First order of business… breathe, relax, smile and put on your favorite music – after all this is all about you!

My rule #1 during your boudoir photo shoot – laugh a lot, smile, giggle (even snort that always turns into more giggling) and most of all, have fun. By adhering to rule #1, everything else will work out perfectly.

We’ll take a look at exactly what you brought as far as outfits, shoes, accessories and props. Sometimes clients bring a suitcase full of options, other times it’s as simple as a pair of favorite PJ’s and a tee shirt. It all depends on what the look, feel and range of the boudoir photo shoot is going to be. We’ll take a minute to coordinate which poses or outfits will be first.

Now, onto hair and makeup.

Boudoir Photo Shoot Autumn WrightAutumn Wright of Seraphina Divine Beauty is my goto hair and makeup artist. She will work with you for about an hour to create the right look for your images. From total glam to the art of looking totally natural, she has you covered. I use a professional hair and makeup artist like Autumn for every boudoir photo shoot, whether we are at one of my studio locations in Saratoga Springs, Glens Falls, New York City, or on-location. Having done this for years, I know what a difference a pro like Autumn can make. Her work is in many of my portfolio images, but take a minute to check out her Facebook page here too.

Boudoir Studio Glens FallsOk, we’re almost ready to start making some images – first, we are going to learn a little posing 101

A big part of my job is to find the poses and angles that show off the most beautiful you. I’ll walk you through exactly how to pose, where to shift your weight, where to look, how much of a smile or not, and how to position your hands during the entire process, so you have nothing to worry about. That said, I find that a little coaching ahead of time goes a long way. It’s like getting a “how to pose like a model 101” class in about 15 minutes.
I always start your first few shots off with a fairly conservative, comfortable outfit that will let you practice some of that posing 101 that we just worked on. We will take our time and get some amazing images. I’ll always take a minute to show you a great shot in-camera as we go along so you can see how you look. Most sessions last between two hours and four hours from the time you arrive to the time we are packed up. It depends on the pace you are comfortable with and how many images we are looking to create for you.  Posing is an active process, much more active than most people think – so, we will take breaks, grab some water and look back at some the images we made throughout the session.

Your boudoir photo shoot will be an awesome, empowering, and confidence inspiring experience that you will look back on and smile about for years to come. I can’t wait to hear from you so we can talk about what you want for your session!



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